Truffle egg with caviar

Antonius Caviar

Truffle egg (4 servings)


– 1 tin of Oscietra Antonius Caviar

– 8 eggs

– 20 ml truffle olive oil

– 5 g of salt


Crack 4 eggs into small bowls covered with cling film (each egg separately). Add one more egg white and 5ml of truffle olive oil into each bowl. Gather the edges of cling film together, twist to secure (making sure that there is no air inside), then bind with twine. Cook in boiling water for about 7.5 minutes.

Beurre Blanc sauce


– 70 ml of white wine

– 70 ml of vinegar

– 1/2 of shallot

– 10 g of tarragon

– 200 g of butter

– 1 bunch of chives


Peel shallot and cut into slices, pour white wine and vinegar into the saucepan, add the shallot and tarragon. Cook until  reduced by half. Add cold butter to the evaporated base and stir until you get a smooth sauce. At the end, add finely chopped chives.

Crayfish tails


– 200 g of crayfish tails

– clarified butter

– pinch of salt


Clean the crawfish and fry in clarified butter, season with salt.

Mushroom duxelle


– 300 g of mushrooms

– 1 shallot

– 50 ml of truffle oil

– pinch of pepper


Cut mushrooms and shallots finely. Warm up the oil in a saucepan, fry the shallots and then add the mushrooms. Cook until 90% of water has evaporated, at the end season with pepper and truffle oil.

Place the mushroom duxelle on a deep plate, put truffle egg on top, add crayfish necks and Beurre Blanc sauce. Finish the dish with a portion of caviar.