Our caviar is appreciated by the best chefs and served on the tables of top restaurants around the world.

This product is always fresh, unpasteurized and vacuum-packed in elegant tins. It is crafted from the roe of sturgeons bred in our own farms. It impresses with its perfect, pure and full flavour. Its superb quality is incomparable with pasteurized products or caviar repackaged from larger tins, often containing roe from several different fish.

On restaurant menus Antonius Caviar shines both as an accompaniment to chef’s signature dishes and as a stand-alone tasting menu.

What can we offer?

  • Professional Training

    For you and your restaurant team. We want to show you the world of Caviar.

  • Individual Tastings

    For you and your guests. Magical and full of history.

  • Farm Tour

    So you can see and feel our approach to production.

  • Photos and Videos Access

    High quality materials for your use.

  • Special Offers and Support

    We offer our partners special offers and constant help.

Let our caviar appear on the menu of your restaurant.

We will happily present you our dedicated restaurant offer.

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