Tin Opener Key

Tin Opener Key



Our caviar is sourced exclusively from sturgeons that are sustainably farmed on our fish farms.

It is made in a process that faithfully copies the natural life cycle of wild sturgeons, using the most modern production methods and maintaining the traditional techniques of manual labor.

Each product is hand-packed and meticulously checked for color, size, taste, and consistency. We never pasteurize our caviar. By using the best artisanal practices and applying the highest quality standards, we can recreate the history of each specific fish from which the roe comes. Thanks to this our product is fully traceable.

In our offer you will find caviar only in its finest form – fresh and unpasteurized. This method of preparation preserves the richness of nutrients and does not change the natural structure of the roe. During the tasting there will be no “hard popping” feeling on the tongue, which is characteristic of common pasteurized products. Our caviar delicately melts in the mouth, slowly developing a complex bouquet of flavours.


The contents of individual tins may slightly vary in colour, texture and consistency. This is a natural phenomenon, resulting, among other things, from the biodiversity of the fish and the processes of roe maturation.


The taste of our caviar is pure, distinct and clear. Due to the use of artesian waters there is no undesirable aftertaste. These waters are completely devoid of organic elements from soil or rivers and our fish stay in these waters during the last stage of breeding.

Serve the caviar in a glass, or preferably, crystal dish or directly in the tin by placing it on crushed ice.


Always use special teaspoons made of mother-of-pearl or other taste-neutral materials. Avoid silver ones – they can react with the caviar, giving it an undesirable metallic aftertaste.


Caviar is extremely sensitive to oxidation. Therefore, open the tin immediately before consumption. Do not let it stay open on the table for too long, as the roe will lose its elasticity.


Caviar tasting is a separate and special ritual. Place a small portion of it on the back of your hand, between your thumb and forefinger. Take a look at the beads of roe and wait for a while – the warmth of the skin will release the full flavour. Then put the caviar in your mouth and savour it by spreading the beads across your palate. You can close your eyes to enhance the sensation.