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Antonius Caviar

I. Cookies files

  1. The Controller of Your personal data is Gospodarstwo Rybackie „Gosławice” LLC with its registered office in Konin, Poland; Rybacka St. No 2, 62-510 Konin; contact details: phone number: +48 505 692 980, e-mail: [email protected]
  2. The website, hereinafter referred to as the Website, uses cookies to collect information about how you use our Website.
  3. Cookies are text files that are stored by your web browser on your computer, allowing you to identify you and fix your preferences based on the history of the visited web sites. Information is saved to customize the Website to your individual needs, as well as for advertising and statistics.
  4. Administrator of the Website uses the following types of cookies:
    1. „essential cookies”, which allow you to use the services available on the Website,
    2. cookies files aimed at ensuring security,
    3. cookies files that collect information about the Website used:
      • files essential to use marketing tools such e.g. Google Ads. Thanks to these files it is possible to configure, match and display ads based on previous User behaviour on the Website. These tools are also used to collect analytical and statistical data;
      • files related to social network plugins.
      • files essential to use analytical tools, e.g. Google Analytics. The tool provides such information as: time spent on the Website, sub-page visits or traffic sources;
      • files allowing to play video, e.g. from YouTube. These files are loaded when you start watching videos via a specific service.
  5. In many cases, web browsers default to the storage of “cookies” on your device. Users of the Website may at any time change their settings for cookies. These settings can be changed to block automatic cookies in your web browser, or to notify each time you place them on your device. Detailed information about the cookies settings is available in the web browser settings. If you don’t change cookies settings, that means that they will be posted to your device and that the information will be stored on your device.

How to change your cookies settings in your browser

Mozilla Firefox

From the Firefox menu select ‘Options’ and then select ‘Privacy’ – there is a tickbox to indicate if you want to allow websites to track your visits. It is also possible to remove individual cookies.

Microsoft Internet Explorer

Choose ‘Tools’ and then ‘Internet Options’. Select ‘the Privacy Tab’ and move the slider to select the preferred default setting. There is also a button ‘Advanced’ which can be used to set more specific options.

Google Chrome

From the menu select ‘More Tools’ and then ‘Clear browsing data’. From the main menu you can also choose ‘Settings’, then ‘Advanced’, and then ‘Privacy and Security’ to customize your cookies options.


From the tool menu select ‘Preferences’. Then go to the ‘Advanced tab’, and to the cookies section.

Apple Safari

From Safari menu select ‘Preferences’, then choose ‘Privacy’. Then select the preferred cookies options.

Cell phones, tablets and other mobile devices

In each phone model, the options for cookies and mobile device identifiers are determined differently. To change the settings, refer to the documentation for your mobile device.

Google Analytics and Google Ads

The consent for Google to use cookies or mobile device identifiers can be withdrawn in the Ads Settings section: You can install the Google Analytics blocking browser add-on: You can also use the Network Advertising Initiative to withdraw your consent for third-party cookies:

II. Profiling and remarketing

The Website is associated with marketing tools such as Google Ads and Google Analytics. These tools collect information (in particular by using cookies) to identify User behaviour such as time spent on the Website, sub-page visits, displaying products, placing an order or shopping cart abandonment. These files allow so-called ‘Ordinary profiling’, which is used to display ads as part of remarketing – Users who have already visited the Website before, will see our ads on other websites, e.g. ads which encourage to visit the Website again. Google and other third party providers may display ads on their websites by providing their advertising space. They may use cookies and other identifiers to display ads based on previous visits to the Website. The User may opt out of use of cookies according to the instructions contained in the previous section of this sub-page.

The User has the right to object to the processing of his data for the purposes specified in this section. In case of objection, the data will not be processed for these purposes anymore. You can find more information about the security of data in Google Analytics and Google Ads at: and