Corporate gifts

Are you looking for a gift for your employees, business partners or clients?

It is worth to show them your appreciation in an original way. A legendary delicacy such as caviar will be perfect for that occasion. The product will be perfect both solo and in combination with a bottle of good quality alcohol or as part of a larger gift basket. Check out our suggestions.

Gift vouchers

This is the simplest solution. Vouchers are available in a variety of options to suit your preferences and budget. You can hand them over at any time or add them to another gift. The person who receives it can then decide when and where to have the caviar delivered.

Caviar that you can hand over personally

Are you planning a company event, conference or gala? We also have solutions for such occasions. Specially designed packaging with thermal ice pack inserts will guarantee a safe temperature during the handing over the gift and during its transportation.

Direct shipments to the people you choose

We can deliver the product by courier directly to your employees, business partners or clients.

Show your appreciation with a gift.

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