Beef tartare with caviar

Antonius Caviar

Beef tartare


– 400g of  beef sirloin

– 20 g of shallots

– salt, pepper

– 10 ml of olive oil


Chop beef and shallot finely and mix with all the ingredients.


Chive mayonnaise


– 100g of oil

– 100g of chives

– 1 egg yolk

– 5g of dijon mustard

– pinch of salt

– pinch of sugar

– 20ml of white wine vinegar


Mix chives with oil, heat to 60 degrees C and temper. Strain through a small sieve. Using a mixer blend yolk, vinegar and mustard slowly  adding chives oil. Season with salt and sugar.




– 50g of butter

– 3 slices of toast bread

– 50g of Antonius Caviar Siberian


Cut the bread crusts off, then cut out 3 equal pieces and fry in butter until it gets the toast structure. Put the caviar on the toasts.


Confit egg yolk


– 4 eggs

– 200ml of olive oil


Separate the egg yolk from the white and heat the oil to 60 degrees C, then put the yolk in the oil and wait about 10 minutes.


Garnish the dish with wild herbs.