Avocado with caviar

Antonius Caviar

To prepare this dish, you will need 30 g of Antonius Caviar Siberian. This product is available in our e-shop.

Pickled red onions (prepare 1 day earlier)


– 200 g of red onion

– 125 ml of red wine vinegar

– 5 bay leaves

– 4 allspice berries

– 90 g of sugar

– 7,5 g of salt

– 250 ml of water


Peel and cut the onion into 4 pieces. Mix the rest of the ingredients to prepare the marinate. Pour the boiling liquid over the onion, leave to cool and store in a fridge for 24h.

Salmon tartare (start preparation in advance)


– 400 g of fresh salmon

– 110 g of salt

– 390 of sugar

– 1 lemon

– dill

– 2 avocados

– 100 g of crème fraîche

– 50 ml of vodka


Clean the salmon and rinse with water. Zest the lemon and mix it with sugar and salt. Cover the salmon with chopped dill, put it in a bowl together with the mixture and add some vodka. Cover the bowl with foil and place in the fridge for minimum 6h. After that chop the salmon into small dices and place in a bowl. And finely chopped red onions, some dill, crème fraîche and lemon juice. Add salt and pepper to taste. Cut the avocado into thin slices and place one next to another. Spread the tartare over the avocado slices and roll them.

Tomato puree


– 1 small tin of dried tomatoes


Place the tomatoes in the oven preheated to 80°C and bake for about 5 hours. Once the tomatoes are completely dry, grind them into a powder using a blender.

Choron sauce


– 200 ml of white wine

– 200 ml of white wine vinegar

– 1 shallot

– 50 g of tomato paste

– 200 g of butter


Chop the shallot and place it a pot. Pour over wine and vinegar and heat until boiling. Lower the heat and reduce until half of the liquid is gone. Add the tomato paste and cold butter. Stir to obtain a smooth sauce.

Basil puree


– 2 cups of basil

– 1 shallot

– 2 cloves of garlic

– 100 ml of vegetable broth


Finely chop garlic, onion and basil leaves. Heat oil on a pan and put the onion and garlic in. After a moment add the basil and fry for a while together. Add 100 ml of vegetable broth and let it boil and reduce. Turn the heat off and blend the liquid to obtain a puree. Place in a bowl over ice to cool it down.

Mango puree


– 2 fresh mangos


Wrap the mango in aluminium foil and bake for 20 minutes in 190°C. After that peel the fruit, chop it and blend to obtain the puree.


Serve salmon tartare wrapped in avocado with portion of caviar and Choron sauce. Decorate the dish with basil and mango puree and tomato powder.