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We are a family company with many years of breeding traditions. Our passion for fish began decades ago and it was started by Antoni Łakomiak. The name Antonius Caviar comes from his name. This way the company’s employees wished to pay tribute to his contribution to the development of the company. His children followed in their father’s footsteps, working out the best practices of the world’s aquaculture. Entire multi-generational families work with us.

We form a close-knit community with an ethos of hard work, sincere concern for the welfare of fish and a deep respect for nature.

The process of starting caviar production was gradual. Antonius Caviar is the result of many years of work on breeding sturgeon combined with a decade of intensive preparation. The brand was established in 2014, based on the vast knowledge of our employees and a close cooperation with scientists. With patience and focus on every detail we create a product appreciated by gourmets around the world.
Our company is already the first in Europe and the second producer of sturgeon caviar in the world.

  • 50 years

    of experience

  • 2nd

    caviar producer in the World


    caviar producer in Europe

A skilled hand, a watchful eye, an open heart

A whole group of enthusiasts has been constantly working for the brand’s success. The team includes: fishermen, ichthyologists, food technologists, biologists, scientists and specialists in many other fields. It is their joint effort, attention and care for the smallest details that translate into the exceptional quality of our product. The commitment of our employees, their love for fish and caviar, and their attachment to the structures of the farm are the pillars of our company. We are full of enthusiasm for work and at the same time having learned from years of experience we are humble towards the forces of nature.

We are one of the few companies in the world obtaining roe only from fish from our own farms.

Thanks to this, we have an impact on the constant quality of our product from the very beginning. Also, as one of the few, we have as many as three farms with different water parameters. This allows our fish to “migrate” between different ecosystems, which mimics their migrations in natural conditions.

We are faithful to traditional methods and produce only fresh, unpasteurized caviar, from unovulated sturgeon eggs. This is why its texture is so silky smooth, and the caviar itself delicately melts on the palate instead of “popping” on the tongue, which is the case with widely available pasteurized products.

Each tin of caviar is a small masterpiece

We produce caviar in a traditional way, using the centuries-old “Malossol” method (i.e. with the addition of a small amount of salt). The entire production process is carried out by hand, with exceptional care, under the watchful eye of technologists who did their first professional trainings with the most outstanding Caviar Masters in the world.

Exceptional attention to the smallest details and an individual approach to each portion of roe make caviar production for us not only a traditional craft, but above all a true art. Tasting Antonius Caviar makes it possible to experience this art.

The production of Antonius Caviar takes place in the most modern processing plant of its kind in the world, in compliance with rigorous standards. One of the main values that we follow in our daily work is special care for hygiene and production safety. We are certified according to IFS Food Standard and BRC Global Standard for Food Safety, the highest standards for food quality and safety. We are responsible for our product.

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